We can put leg shades, height, depth and bed in most of our designer sofas in the UK

We know your sofa is more than just sitting. Welcome to Kappa after work, battle with remote control, and catch up with the people who matter most to you. Plus, we’re constantly innovating to bring you more than you expect – like space-saving storage with sofa or built-in audio. We’ve worked with some of your favorite names to bring you our unique brands. There is even more choice and quality to offer that you won’t find anywhere else. Our Chesterfield sofas and furniture are hand-crafted here by master craftsmen so you can be confident of what quality you will receive. The reason you are all so different is that we make our own sofas to order in our British workshops, especially for you. And that is why we make them so we give you the options. No current match can be found for us. Apart from the high quality and size of the velvet sofa, .co.uk can customize almost all of our designs to suit your needs. It can be as simple as making it a few centimeters wider or replacing it with a seat-filling fiber. We can apply shade, height, depth and bedding to most of our designer sofas you will be happy to know that you have experienced teams at the end of the phone and will help you in our shops. If you want something different, they will help you ‘just’. They are comfortable, great value for money, and come in a wide selection of colors and styles. But how do you decide which fabric sofa is best for you and your family? Ask yourself where your sofa will be.

If you are looking for a living room sofa, go for solid fabrics such as micro fibers, cardioversions or flat wings. Avoid rich, textured fabrics such as Chanel or velvet. They may look luxurious, but worn patches are showing up more quickly – not a great choice for family plates that will remain in use. Velvet Sofa, .co.uk has spent years perfecting our craft and this is why we especially like to offer you a simple, mid-order sofa option to suit your exact needs and specifications. Reliable, prompt delivery and we are happy to offer you an incredible 0% interest free order. Finance Options Buying furniture is a big commitment and we understand that, which is why we take pride in giving you as much information as you can with free neutral advice to help you make an informed decision. However, we want you to be proud of the best furniture item. We offer free fabric and leather samples, Chesterfield sofa after-care advice, 14-day money back guarantee, a low price promise and even a 12-month warranty on all purchases made with us. Do To provide our customers with peace of mind and a commitment to responsible retail; we are a registered full member. Velvet Couch.co.uk has spent years perfecting our craft and is especially pleased to offer you a unique, mid-to-order sofa option,

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