Our Furniture is manufactured in our West London workshop. Our high quality, solid batch wooden frames are a guarantee of lasting assurance. The UK manufacturer of lux luxury sofas and bespoke furniture for both commercial and retail applications has designed all of our luxury furniture using decorative dry wood. Our high quality, solid batch wooden frames guarantee long term. Dedicated to genuine British artisans, we are proud to produce the best practices, authentic materials and quality assurance. We strive to provide seamless services and a memorable shopping experience. Our furniture has been developed in our West London workshop, which includes our sophisticated furniture design team, sofa showroom and the UK’s largest textile library. Designer Furniture Collection In our extensive designer furniture collection. All available items are available for the fabric, wood and finish of your choice. Leather sofas are capable of adjusting the size, finishing, or detailing all pieces of furniture with special needs. Fabric sofa our furniture will be handmade by our team and all the clothes and accessories can be delivered to you. Working with your sketches or ideas, our designers can create a piece of furniture that suits your needs.

 We also provide CAD technical drawings to verify all specifications. Check property supply and measurement services regularly to make sure. Pieces of bespoke are run to measure. Urgent Delivery Our professional team can arrange prompt delivery of our selected furniture, which is listed in stock on our website, for sale or display at our West London showroom. A look at the luxury sofas we have in the UK Additionally, designer Sophie’s partner is proud to be a member of the British Institute for Interior Design, which offers excellent practice, practical professional support and development. We are also a member of the Design Society. In addition, two of our products have been shortlisted in the finals of the International Product Design Awards. Contact us to talk to a sales consultant who is more than happy to discuss your needs and set free pricing. Alternatively, meet us at our showroom in West London. We are the ‘data controller’ of your data that you can provide to us. We make decisions about how your personal data is used.

Velvetsofa.co.uk is fully open about how we present our information and will respond to requests sent to us in a timely manner. If you have any questions about our use of our personal data, you can contact us by email here. General data protection regulations affect how organizations record, store and use personal data. ۔ This law is designed to give you maximum control and new rights as a data subject, so that organizations can record, store and use your data. This Privacy Policy determines your choices regarding the use of our personal data, our privacy practices and the use, access and refinement of your personal data. Why do we keep your data when we browse, purchase, inquire or sign up directly to a newsletter through a sales person on our website? The British Institute for Home Pride is proud to be a member of Design, which provides excellent implementation, practical professional support and development. Are able

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